Speedex International Rates – A Detailed Guide


Speedex is a well-known international courier company that has delivered packages to clients worldwide for many years. The company has a good name for shipping services that are credible, quick, and affordable for both companies and individuals.

The company offers a variety of services for international shipping, such as express delivery, parcel delivery, and cargo delivery. Speedex is a popular choice for businesses and people who need to send packages overseas because it has a good reputation for good service and low prices. Their cargo rates are very reasonable and affordable.

This article will thoroughly examine Speedex international rates, including what they are and what factors can impact them. By looking at these topics, we hope to give you a complete understanding of Speedex’s international shipping services and help you choose the best courier service for your next shipment based on the information you have.

What Are Speedex’s International Rates?

Speedex international rates are the prices for sending packages from one country to another using the courier services of Speedex. The size and weight of the box, its destination, and the shipping method chosen are just some of the things that go into figuring out these rates.

Speedex offers different ways to send packages internationally, such as air freight, sea freight, and express services. Each of these options has its price structure. Customers can pick the option that fits their needs and budget the best.

Speedex is focused on providing international shipping services that are reliable and relatively inexpensive. Its international rates are competitive compared to those of other courier companies. Customers can get an idea of how much their shipment will cost by using the company’s online rate calculator or by calling Speedex directly to get a quote.

Once a shipping method is chosen, all taxes, duties, and fees related to the shipment are included in Speedex’s international rates. This way, customers can be sure they know the total cost of their delivery.

Speedex's International Rates

How to Figure Out Speedex Rates?

It’s easy to figure out the international rates for Speedex. The company has an online rate calculator that customers can use to get an idea of how much their shipment will cost. Customers need to enter the weight and size of the package, the location, and the delivery method they want to use. The calculator will then figure out the total cost of the shipment, including any taxes or duties that apply.

Customers can also get a quote by calling Speedex directly. The company’s customer service team can help customers choose the best shipping method for their needs and give an accurate estimate of how much the shipment will cost. Speedex’s international rates are easy to understand, so customers can make shipping decisions based on accurate information.

Factors Affecting Speedex International Courier Rates?

The price of Speedex international shipping depends on many things, such as the size and weight of the package, its destination, and the shipping method you choose. Some places may have extra fees or rules that make international shipping more expensive. So, when customers figure out how much their shipment will cost, they need to know about these things.

In addition, taxes and duties can also affect the final cost of the shipment. These fees vary by country and can change over time, so customers should consider these factors when calculating the cost of their cargo. Speedex’s customer service team can provide up-to-date information on taxes and duties for specific destinations.

Finally, the shipping method selected can also impact the cost of the shipment. Express services are more expensive than air or sea freight but offer faster delivery times. When choosing a shipping method, customers should consider their budget, how quickly they need the item, and how much it costs.

Here’s a table with a list of the things that affect international Speedex rates:

Package weightThe weight of the package affects the shipping cost, as heavier packages cost more to ship
Package sizeThe package size, including dimensions and volume, affects the shipping cost as larger packages take up more space in the courier’s transportation system.
DestinationThe destination country affects the shipping cost, as shipping to some countries may be more expensive due to distance or customs fees.
Delivery speedThe speed of delivery affects the shipping cost as faster delivery options cost more.
InsuranceThe option to add insurance to the shipment affects the shipping cost, as insured packages are more expensive to ship
Factors Affecting Speedex International Courier Rates

Speedex Rates Vs. Other Couriers

When comparing Speedex international rates with those of other courier companies, it’s essential to consider the full range of services offered and the cost of each option.

Speedex’s international rates are usually low compared to other courier companies, and the company is an excellent value for money. Speedex is known for its reliable and affordable international shipping services, and its international rates are designed to offer customers exceptional value for money.

Whether customers need to send a small package or a large shipment, Speedex has the services and expertise to help them get their parcels delivered quickly and reliably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Speedex tell me where my international package is?

Yes, Speedex lets you track all international shipments in real time. Customers can track their packages online or with the Speedex mobile app to find out where they are in the delivery process and how long it is expected to take.

Can I negotiate the Speedex international rates?

Speedex has standard international rates, but depending on the number of packages or other factors, they may offer discounts or negotiate the rates in some cases. Contacting Speedex directly is the best way to find out if you can negotiate the international rates.

Does Speedex offer insurance for packages going outside of the country?

Yes, Speedex charges extra for insurance on international shipments. Customers can add insurance to their shipments to protect their packages from being lost or damaged while in transit.


In conclusion, the Speedex international rates offer a reliable and efficient solution for those needing international shipping services. With a range of services, competitive rates, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Speedex is a trusted name in the industry.

The company has the resources and expertise to handle small and large shipments easily, ensuring that your international shipments are delivered on time and in good condition. Whether you’re a business or an individual, Speedex is the right choice for your global shipping needs.

We hope this article was helpful and answered any questions you may have had about Speedex international rates.

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